Somethings Wonderful

Some wonderful things are happening in my life these days.

My niece moved in today, to live with me while she goes to school. This is very cool because I am privileged to be part of her life on a daily basis now. Full of wonder.

I also received a request from a fellow podcaster to be part of his podcast in a way that is incredibly honoring to me. Full of wonder.

Today makes me remember a comic from Tiny Ghosts


And if you’re not familiar with the webcomic, go read the archive now. You won’t be sorry.

The Foothills of Shasta

A wonderful Christmas was had early today with my dad, my stepmom and me. We had stockings and presents and tonight we will have crab for dinner. CRAB. I love crab. :) Also had fun trying to figure out how to minimize a maximized Safari window on the macintosh. Whew! It has been a really long time since I used a mac regularly. But the interwebs were there for me. We discovered that if you click at the very top of a maximized screen, that the diagonal arrows in the top right corner will return and you can bring the window back to normal. Sheesh! Touchy little thing, this mac. I still hate Windows 8, don’t get me wrong. But figuring this one out was NOT intuitive. And I had two mac users in the room with me! Why computer companies hurt us so?

Otherwise…CRAB! Can’t wait for dinner! Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

Nik’s Fairy Tales: “Click”

Inspired by my niece and her penchant for photography.

Copyright 2012 Nicole Villacres. All rights reserved.

It had sounded like such a good idea yesterday. Come what may, Brigita was going to take a picture a minute from dawn until dusk. It was going to be brilliant!

However, being 16, she awoke closer to noon.

“So much for dawn,” she muttered. Grabbing her digital camera, she snapped a shot of her interestingly wrinkled bed sheets and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. Shots of her mom’s pancakes, the floor tiles, and her younger brother sticking his tongue out followed. Brigita found it difficult to eat, let alone get ready for the day.

Perhaps a picture a minute was a little ambitious?

She set her camera down on the bathroom sink, squeezed some toothpaste on her toothbrush and began her morning ritual.

A tiny giggle rang in her ear.

She stopped brushing and listened. She could hear cartoons on the TV and her brother laughing. That must’ve been it. She continued to brush, observing the late morning light out the window.

The giggle came again.

She stopped, listening. She opened the bathroom window and looked outside. The neighbor kids weren’t out there. What was she hearing?


A flash went off next to her, making her blink.

Toothpaste foam ran down her chin as she turned to look at her camera. Glancing quickly out the door, she saw her brother was still in the living room watching TV. She turned back to the sink and looked at the camera. Very slowly, she finished brushing her teeth. Listening. Watching.

She dried her face with a towel and put her toothbrush away, still looking at the camera. She picked it up and switched to the viewer mode. She hit the back arrow. Sure enough, there she was, looking out the window, her toothbrush sticking out of her mouth.

A high-pitched giggle bounced off the walls around her. “You’re behind! Behind, aren’t you?”

Brigita spun around, looking for the owner of the voice. But there was no one there.

The shrill little voice came from above her. “Let me help you catch up!”

Brigita was seized by a sudden urge to photograph anything, something…no…the perfect thing, right now! She grabbed her camera and raced into the living room, her eyes looking for a subject, the perfect composition, the perfect…

Click! Click! Click!

Three shots. She didn’t even know what was going on, but after blinking she found herself looking at the hardwood floor through her camera lens.

“What are you doing?” her brother asked.

But she ignored him. Again she was gripped by the urge to find the perfect picture. She faintly heard the giggle again, but she didn’t pay any attention. The sun was bright as she dashed outside, their backyard was filled with things to shoot…everything seemed to have a magical glow to it…the vegetable garden, the creek, the rocks, the wicker furniture! She darted from one amazing subject to the other.


She could hardly breathe, she was moving so fast.

“This is fun! Run and run!” The voice rang annoyingly by her ear. Brigita whirled around again.

“Where are you?” she tried to yell, but only gasped.

“Here and there,” it was behind her other ear, “maybe nowhere!”

She spun around again. “What are you?”

More laughter. “Don’t you want to take some more pictures?”

“No!” Brigita retorted. “I want…”

The sparkle of daylight on a yellow dandelion caught her eye. She dropped to her knees in front of it. She had to get the shot!


Brigita jumped up from the ground. “STOP IT!” She screamed…and threw the camera.

The world seemed to go into slow motion as she watched her camera sail through the air and crash into a pile of stacked wood.

“Oh no…” she whispered. Slowly she walked over and picked it up off the ground. It wouldn’t turn on. It had awful scratches and the lens was broken.

“Now see!” Brigita yelled at the air. She tried to hold back tears. “Why couldn’t you leave me alone? Why did you have to–”

In front of her nose appeared a miniature, lavender boy. The whuff of air into Brigita’s face indicated wings moving too fast to see. Its black eyes met hers, and then it moved to buzz around her camera.

“Rude mechanical,” it said, haughtily. It took a deep breath, its chest horrifyingly expanding like a bizarre balloon, and blew a gust of wet spittle all over the camera.

Brigita recoiled. “Um…ew.”

The purple creature winked at her, then indicated the camera. Brigita looked at it. The pixie spit was evaporating off, leaving the camera shiny clean and…fixed! The scratches were gone; the lens was repaired; the power button turned the thing on!

The pixie busted out laughing. That high, annoying giggle. She watched as it hovered there, pointing at her and laughing, its sharp, spiky teeth flashing in the sun. Brigita raised the camera and took the shot.


The pixie sucked in its laughter, blinking. It observed her darkly with its bright, black eyes. It grinned.  “Touché,” it said, wagging a finger at her. And then it vanished.

Brigita caught her breath. She looked around, behind. The pixie was nowhere. The intense, strange brightness in the world around her sifted away into natural, comforting reality.

Brigita ran over to the trees to get in the shade and switched the camera to viewer mode, glancing around in case the little monster reappeared. Clicking through the pictures, she gasped. They were perfect. Amazing. Stunning compositions from commonplace items…the best she’d ever taken!

“Except that I didn’t take them,” she said to herself. “They’re fairy pictures.” Then she brightened. “Except for the last one! I’ve got you on that one.”

Brigita clicked to the last photo. She stared at it, stunned.

The picture was of her, floating in midair, tiny and laughing.

Future Thoughts

Just had a lovely visit with my mom. She is such a joy to have around. We talked quite a bit about my thoughts on the future, including the possibility of returning to Los Angeles to pursue acting. It’s scary to think of leaving a safe, regular job. But reality is, the job I have is not what I love to do. And I’m blessed enough to be free to pursue what I want to do–I have very few local ties other than my sweet mom and my brother and his dear family. But it is scary. I have health insurance with this job and good pay. But it does take the prime hours out of my life every day to maintain the job, benefits and pay. I squeak in my writing for about 40 minutes to an hour each morning before I go to work, then I squeak in all my other loves (acting, derby, fitness) after work, when I’m already exhausted. So my choice is to either stay in this career for 20 more years to secure my retirement, or take a risk and go pursue the things I love.

So far, I’m leaning toward the pursuit.