Change is nauseating. Well, change that you haven’t planned for. That’s been one of my biggest struggles in planning this move to Olympia. I’m nauseous a lot. I think it may be fear of the unknown. Where will I live? Buy a house? Rent? How soon to make that decision, considering I am not moving for another five months? And there are family requests and considerations that run counter to what I want. So whose wants come first? And the biggie…am I doing the right thing? Or making a huge mistake?

All of this bundles itself into a big upset stomach. Which of course isn’t healthy. So I ask for help, which is also hard. We all want to look like we have it all together. But that’s not healthy either! We are all a big mess in reality.

Friends and counselors are a big help. And I go through waves of discomfort and waves of freedom. I think on the things I love about Olympia like the salt air of Puget Sound, the downtown area and the art, the fresh, clean air after the rain.

I have also found that doing things that stretch into my new life, like getting this blog going again, help. Building things that I plan to have endure beyond Wenatchee give me a sense of new life beginning. And that is always a pleasant thing.

Go, little weed of courage! You can do it!

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