Black Tapes Podcast – Canadian alternate universe?

If you haven’t listened to the Black Tapes Podcast yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s a mysterious trip of a journalist who is investigating the paranormal–pretty much by accident. Well written and recorded–I did a total binge listen! So many enigmas within riddles!

One mystery that the journalist has failed to notice. On the podcast, Washington state appears to be completely inhabited by…Canadians. Now, don’t get me wrong. One of my best pals from grad school is Canadian. Got nothing against our lovely neighbor to the north! That said, nearly every person they interview has that slight accent. You know what I’m talking aboot. And I’m not sore-ey to say it. SO. I think it can only be attributed to the fact that the journalist and team are somehow trapped in an alternate dimension where Washington is part of Canada. The one exception is Dr. Strand himself. Which just makes it all the more weird. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??????

Anyway. Go listen! It’s great! :D

And if you like what you hear, back their Kickstarter. Less than 2 days to help produce the last six episodes of this season. DO IT! Do it NOW!


Whoops! My friend Christina tells me that Pacific Northwest Stories is recorded in Vancouver, Canada. Still…there be a lot of Washintonians with dem accents in the show. ;)

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