Bake the damn cake

So you won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding, but you bake one for other weddings.

Is it because the “sin” is obvious? Two men together or two women together are clear to see. Easy to discriminate. But it’s okay to bake a cake for an adulterer’s wedding because you can’t see if they’re sinning. If you’re going to deny people your cake-baking services based on your perception of their sin, then you should get out of business. Because every time you bake a wedding cake, you’re baking it for a sinner. According to the logic of not baking a cake for gays, you’re endorsing every one of the sins of any of your customers because you’re taking part in one of their life celebrations.

How did Jesus treat sinners? He loved them. Did he turn them away from his presence? No, he loved them. In the face of all their sin. In fact, he sent their accusers away shame-faced.

If you’re a Christian, you should go out of your way to show love toward anyone who comes into your business. If you’re following Jesus, you should be willing to shed your blood for anyone who comes into your business.

Show people love. Accept them simply as human beings. Their sin has nothing to do with you. Jesus did more than bake a cake for sinners. He bled for them. He died for them.

This is how Jesus shows love for sinners. How dare he endorse all that sin by showing love?!

This is how Jesus shows love for sinners. How dare he endorse all that sin by showing love?!

13 thoughts on “Bake the damn cake

  1. No, it’s not because the sin is obvious, though the fact that it is obvious does highlight one key difference between your two examples. Ask yourself: why does the adulterer not flaunt his sin like the homosexual?

    The answer is: one has shame over his sin, and the other is proud of his sin, refusing to even acknowledge that their behavior is sinful. Now that alone wouldn’t justify a Christian denying help to a person, after all, we are called to be merciful and loving to even unrepentant sinners. It is an important difference though, when comparing the spiritual state of the two people.

    The real reason Christians don’t want to participate in these events is not about the sin itself at all. It’s about the fact that we Christians believe marriage is ordained by God, and that man doesn’t have the authority to change the definition. If God wants to come and reveal to us that two men or two women can get married, then we could begin to embrace this development. Unless that happens, we are going to have to stand firm and put our faith in God, the world be damned.

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    • Reading The Guardian is like reading Pravda. They couldn't do a better propaganda job than if they were on the Saudi payroll. However, it's nice to see that at least some Guardian readers see through their hogwash.

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    • But then, that begs the question – objectively speaking, how do we know who DOES know better? To pull an example, Bill O’Reilly famously uses the “shut up and sit down” tactic to express what he believes to be the absolute truth, despite the fact that he is, 99% of the time, absolutely WRONG. So if he’s telling people to shut up and you’re telling people to shut up, who gets to decide who’s right? The rest of society, of course. And I’m kind of with , here – leaving things in the hands of society isn’t going to make them any better.

  2. Hi, Jack, looks like I need to check in here more often! “It’s about the fact that we Christians believe…” Well, you as a Christian believe that. You can’t speak for all Christians. And you have a right to your point of view. I have had the Holy Spirit speak to me on this subject and it doesn’t matter what anyone says to me, He is my final authority and especially the cross is my final authority. Your reasoning hinges on you being able to be the judge of other people’s sins. And you don’t get that. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you get to stand in judgment of the sins of other human beings. That is for Jesus alone. That is my belief.

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