GFN07 – Technical Difficulties

We are pretty sure we had a podcast named this when we first did our show, however, you can never have too many! 😉 And apologies for missing episodes. They are all available at the main show link–just click our podcast tab up above.

This episode we chat about my life after the move and the misadventures there, TJ’s upcoming costume antics, and Christina’s continuing pursuit of her Bachelors degree. We have fun as the feed cuts out–you never know who’s going to be chatting to dead air. We also give a brief, non-spoiler review of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

A podcast returns

Calling all listeners, minions, army leaders, our stalker and the MPPs! You know who you are!

After almost a year and a half off, my friend Christina and I will be coming back with our podcast, Greetings from Nowhere. For six years we podcasted about our lives for fun and friendship and a bunch of wonderful listeners came along for the ride. Having been rejuvenated by a good break, we are coming back together again and will be putting out podcast episodes on a more monthly to bi-weekly rate. We’re going to take it a bit more easy this time. I have added a page to the site here for the podcast for your ease of reference. 🙂

If you’d like to join us, watch this site or Twitter for announcements of episode drops. Should be fun!