Go and get it

Life is going to be hard on you. Harder at different times than others. Harder on different people than others. Sometimes you need to back off and take a break to rest. Live to fight another day.

Other times, you need to be brave, stand up, and face your dragons.

Adventures were never meant to be easy.




Change is nauseating. Well, change that you haven’t planned for. That’s been one of my biggest struggles in planning this move to Olympia. I’m nauseous a lot. I think it may be fear of the unknown. Where will I live? Buy a house? Rent? How soon to make that decision, considering I am not moving for another five months? And there are family requests and considerations that run counter to what I want. So whose wants come first? And the biggie…am I doing the right thing? Or making a huge mistake?

All of this bundles itself into a big upset stomach. Which of course isn’t healthy. So I ask for help, which is also hard. We all want to look like we have it all together. But that’s not healthy either! We are all a big mess in reality.

Friends and counselors are a big help. And I go through waves of discomfort and waves of freedom. I think on the things I love about Olympia like the salt air of Puget Sound, the downtown area and the art, the fresh, clean air after the rain.

I have also found that doing things that stretch into my new life, like getting this blog going again, help. Building things that I plan to have endure beyond Wenatchee give me a sense of new life beginning. And that is always a pleasant thing.

Go, little weed of courage! You can do it!

A big move

Life moves pretty fast. Oh, Ferris, how true. After many years of contemplating a move to the west side of the mountains, I will be making that move in June. This will give me opportunities to pursue acting in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, however, what has pushed me out of my nest is that my mom needs a little more help these days.

And this has proved a tougher road than I had ever imagined. My house sold quickly in Wenatchee’s hot market. And the sweet couple who bought it is renting back to me until I move which is AMAZING. I get to enjoy my house until I go! And less stress on the cats–which is good for us all. If kittehs ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

But I have been surprised by sadness. This is the first place I have put down roots. Owned my own home. Made lifetime friends who are more like family. And leaving is causing some real mourning. That said, those same dear friends are a lifeline to me right now, providing good counsel and lots of hugs and love.

So. New adventures await. I’m scared, excited, sad, worried, happy, all of it. And I’ll take you along for the ride.