Black Tapes Podcast – Canadian alternate universe?

If you haven’t listened to the Black Tapes Podcast yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s a mysterious trip of a journalist who is investigating the paranormal–pretty much by accident. Well written and recorded–I did a total binge listen! So many enigmas within riddles!

One mystery that the journalist has failed to notice. On the podcast, Washington state appears to be completely inhabited by…Canadians. Now, don’t get me wrong. One of my best pals from grad school is Canadian. Got nothing against our lovely neighbor to the north! That said, nearly every person they interview has that slight accent. You know what I’m talking aboot. And I’m not sore-ey to say it. SO. I think it can only be attributed to the fact that the journalist and team are somehow trapped in an alternate dimension where Washington is part of Canada. The one exception is Dr. Strand himself. Which just makes it all the more weird. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??????

Anyway. Go listen! It’s great! :D

And if you like what you hear, back their Kickstarter. Less than 2 days to help produce the last six episodes of this season. DO IT! Do it NOW!


Whoops! My friend Christina tells me that Pacific Northwest Stories is recorded in Vancouver, Canada. Still…there be a lot of Washintonians with dem accents in the show. ;)

The Bloggess

You know, you can never tell where encouragement will come from. I’m reading a few more blogs these days and there’s one I can always count on to make me smile and laugh. That’s the Bloggess. The humor she sees in daily life has opened my eyes to my own life in that way and I’m trying to see with humor, too. However, she recently posted a thank-you blog to her readers and it was the sweetest thing. So I thought I’d share it because it reminded me that we are all connected. We never know what little thing we do will have a major impact on someone else’s life. Someone you might not even know. You know, we Christians talk about how we may be meeting “angels unaware.” The truth is, we are all those angels. :) Be encouraged in your life today. You’re an angel to someone.

Those are hair curlers, not a new take on Princess Leia. :D

Those are hair curlers, not a new take on Princess Leia. :D

Circuit Class for One

Soooo…one of my worst nightmares is the idea of personal training. I really can’t imagine working out with one person watching you and pushing you to do more and more. It’s kind of like…hell.

I got to circuit class tonight and as time ticked away and the start time came and went with no one else showing up, the young trainer and I took a gander at each other. I had already been in one of Jesse’s circuit classes and he’s a good teacher and leader. It’s just that there’s usually more people. Like…Lots. More. People. It’s easy to hide and modify what you’re doing as you lope along after all the gazelles. But you need a bunch of gazelles. Otherwise there’s just no cover.

Intensity is my middle name.

Intensity is my middle name.

Jesse looks to be about, oh, 20 years old. He’s got a bright smile and kind eyes. Actually everyone at Inner Circle is awesome and when I realized it was just him and me, as the theme to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” played in my head, I thought, What the hell. Bring it.

And it was kind of awesome. Whereas in a circuit class full of people, I can’t keep up and have to modify everything, Jesse created a mini circuit just for me. Rowing, box step ups, lunges, squats, body weight rows…all things that were right up my alley. And he did all of them with me. I kept thinking this was probably equivalent to sitting in front of a TV for him effort-wise (he’s super fit), but I just kept going. And when we had done three sets of the mini circuit (he said only THREE SETS), that kid had the AUDACITY to say…”One more set! I think you can do it!”

Oh, good God! He’s doing the personal trainer thing! With his big smile he was like a happy puppy wanting to chase the Frisbee again. And of course I had it in me. I was really glad he pushed me, actually. It reminded me that I’m capable of so much more.

And now I’m sore. But in a good way. :D Tomorrow morning will tell that tale.

Girl Gets Moving

Me Jumping Jack

Workin’ it out!

So I got back to Inner Circle Gym today for the circuit class. And…ouch! Talk about hurts so good! I’m really glad I’ve signed back up; the owners Cathy and Adam are so great and encouraging. I’ve missed being there and I’ve had enough distance (two years about) to decide that I really want to stay active. After several squats and work with kettle bells, I had to hobble away from the group and get on the stationary bike–my quads were barkin’! But into the third round of exercises, I was able to get back into the swing of things. When I got back to work, facing the stairs was quite the horror. However the elevator was way too far away to make going up the stairs unpalatable. So I zombie shambled up the stairs and headed back to my workstation. Honestly…that circuit class is so good but for the first time back in 2 years, it made my body feel a bit like this:

And, yeah, that’s how I drove back to work. ;) On the undercarriage, yoga style!


I’ve had several reminders lately to enjoy life and let go of the things that are unimportant such as my weight or broken dreams. I’m worrying less about making sure I get “my time,” instead looking for activities that fulfill me. Did you know they have roller skating at the Town Toyota Center these days? Oh, happy day. :)

This little video was just one of the things that has gotten me thinking this way. Enjoy!

Playing House

So, if I make it sound like a game, will house cleaning be easier? It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Dragged out the vacuum cleaner and gave the living room a good once over. It’s interesting how suddenly you see everything that needs doing, so the day included cleaning the cat litter box with bleach. Stimulating! Still, that makes for happy cats and Tucker’s allergies get alleviated. Always makes me feel like a bad cat mom when I see little allergy tears going down his face. Cat allergy tears can break your heart!

But I found that “playing house” had a bit of a fun ring to it. Windows open, nice day. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to before the siren song of “Deadliest Catch” had me back on the couch with snacks, but all in all, not a bad time.

Maybe the vacuum and I can yet become friends…