I went to my first Beginner’s yoga class tonight and boy and I pretzelled! It felt really good to be doing something new. But, beyond realizing how flexible I am not, did you know that there is quite a bit of farting in yoga? I lucked out and did not do any farting, but it was not infrequent in class. Personally, made me feel like we were all friends. I highly recommend!

Be sure you are taking care of yourself. You are important to this world and loved.


Brightening up and…a troll?

The world is looking brighter these days. So many good friends have been cheering me on and the scent of spring is in the air. How are you doing? Looking for that light at the end of the tunnel? It is there. It will come to you. Hang on.

I was in Seattle on Tuesday for an appointment which took me near the Fremont bridge. I knew that there was a troll nearby and had often thought I should seek him out. Always too busy, always running too fast to get somewhere else. Well, not this time.

I was surprised to find that he is on a very busy street! From photos and what I’d seen on “Once Upon A Time” I’d always assumed this troll was in an out of the way location, but boy! He is at the top of steep, narrow street with a busy road right in front of him.


I was able to get up close and personal. What a great piece of art! It was built as a community project.

Not sure if he wasn’t to eat me or groom me.

Here’s a nice shot of the VW Bug forever entombed.

So that’s why people drive by so fast.

I’m really glad I finally got to stop and take a look at him. I just love the ingenuity and creativity of people.

A podcast returns

Calling all listeners, minions, army leaders, our stalker and the MPPs! You know who you are!

After almost a year and a half off, my friend Christina and I will be coming back with our podcast, Greetings from Nowhere. For six years we podcasted about our lives for fun and friendship and a bunch of wonderful listeners came along for the ride. Having been rejuvenated by a good break, we are coming back together again and will be putting out podcast episodes on a more monthly to bi-weekly rate. We’re going to take it a bit more easy this time. I have added a page to the site here for the podcast for your ease of reference. 🙂

Should be fun!