We Were Here

We-Were-Here-DVD-FMy podcasting cohost, Christina, recommended the film “We Were Here.”┬áThis is a documentary about the onset and ravages of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco in the late 70s and 80s. It is powerful and reminds us how beautiful each individual human being is. Such a horrific loss to humanity.

I loved how this film just reveals the humanity of the LGBT community. It’s so important that we always see people as full-fledged humans with all the same pain, love, joy, sorrow as everyone else.

God forgive us for how we treated our brothers as if they were worth nothing. Don’t judge others, people. It hurts us all!

Battle of the Mind

It is so hard to battle my own mind when it comes to body image. I believe that changes in my body will only come when I learn to love and accept myself as I am. I know not all conventional wisdom goes that way, but for me, the more I’ve disliked my body, the more it has remained as it is. Honestly? I am healthy and beautiful, so if I don’t accept that simply because my body doesn’t conform to the cultural norm, I will probably remain where I am.

I am not limited by my body. Therefore, I will look at the world outside for opportunity, not naval gaze and despair.

This means quashing negative thoughts the minute they enter my head. All it takes is passing by a mirror for those negative thoughts to hit. It’s like a game of Missile Command in the ’80s where you have all those lines coming down on your forts and you have to shoot them out of the air as fast as possible. While Missile Command gets harder each round, I don’t think negative thoughts are as resilient. They will be for a while, but as I get better at defeating them, they’ll become less and less. Here’s hopin’! :)

Play recommendations?

I’m thinking I may want to direct another show locally. Any ideas? I have “Enchanted April” on my short list. I’ve been thinking about community theater a lot lately and missing being involved. So I might just have to gear up again! What are your favorite plays?